Communications for Management has been in business since 1982 providing a broad range of public relations help for corporations, non-profit organizations and government agencies. You have to look around a lot to find a firm that has worked on as many different types of assignments for as many different clients as C4M. Here are a few of kinds of organizations we serve: banking, health care, U.S Post Office, auto manufacturing, oil production, faith-based assn., environmental agencies, real estate, hi-tech, consulting firms, and construction.

What kind of work do we do? The range is broad – from product support to internal measurement to media training to video production to crisis communications planning to strategy to community relations and issues management. Our newest offering is mentoring – helping new and mid-level managers grow in skills and achieve better results.

Is PR becoming marginalized? C4M's President sounds-off in this article for PR WeeK
Is PR becoming marginalized? C4M's President sounds-off in this article for PR WeeK

Frank Corrado, C4M's chief, leads a multi-disciplinary team of highly experienced consultants who know not just communications, but management as well. They have exceptional problem-solving skills that approach each assignment with multi-disciplinary skills and not pre-conceived ideas. We come, we listen, we consult with you and work out solutions that focus on success and win-win outcomes.

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contact us by telephone [847.293.1690] or e-mail. We are organized to serve an international client base on a round-the-clock basis.

Published Work:
Crisp 50 minute book: Communicating with Employees
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Communicating in a Crisis
Communicating With Employees
Communicating With Communities
Helping Survivors After Cutbacks
Media For Health Care Managers
Media For Managers

Commentaries on Communications:
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Now available: The basic tool to help managers communicate with their employees. This new update of the 1993 standard work for supervisors and managers on employee communications has just been published by Crisp, nationally known for its "Fifty Minute" series of training books.

This revised edition covers the best new thinking on organizational communications and the array of new technologies available to make communicating easier and more effective. In a well-run organization, people are constantly interacting. Good communication ensures that everyone contributes to the organization's success. This book can start you on the way to building that success.

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Media Training - All managers who expect to advance in an organization need at least a minimum ability to interact with the media. Whether simply sitting for an interview for the corporate web site or responding to a network newscast in a crisis, all manages need basic skills provided with hands-on training that put them in front of a camera. C4M has provided its Media for Managers training program to over 2,000 managers across the U.S. C4M has provides custom training to help managers with activities such as identifying news opportunities in order to assist public relations, helping government officials prepare for public meetings and even training administrative staff on how to properly screen calls.

Publicity – Product, brand and organizational publicity today are key elements in the sales effort, whether you are selling a widget, a process, a service, a person or a stock.

Employee Communication – In an age where trust in organizations, especially large institutions, is consistently low, employees can be ignored only at some peril. They are the energy level that can make the difference in productivity. Customers can sense an organization that does not treat its employees well. All of this impacts competitive edge. Many communication factors impact the workforce – information, values messaging, credibility, and emotional connection. C4M's communications auditing thoroughly analyzes communications performance against both organizational expectations and national norms to provide a roadmap for improving communications vertically.